Bianna Candelario

About the Designer

Bianna Candelario born on the 28th day of April 1991 in San Cristóbal, Dominican Republic. She is a Licentiate in Law and a Fashion Designer graduated from the Chavon School of Design.

Bianna Candelario is a lawyer, but her passion for fashion made her career pause. «Since 2012 I started developing my passion for fashion with a show rom that distributed clothes from different international designers, I always received my clients’ choices for the pieces that I selected and transformed for my personal use, this became commonplace which led me to make in countless requests to my clients custom pieces.

In standy show he has exhibited his DNA as elegant and versatile, characterized by risky cuts without losing elegance and good taste. It has presented its collections in 2018 NEW YORK FASHION WEEK, 2019 RD FASHION WEEK and in its development it has made for children and men, waiting to continue developing the brand Bianna Candelario would be designing for online sales not only women’s clothing but also men’s and women’s clothing. children.

Fall-Winter 2020 Colection

This time Candelario joins the plastic artist Joaquín Rosario to create 30 designs that will take us to the wardrobe of a modern and avant-garde woman, who is not afraid to express her feelings in a different way, such as through her wardrobe. The artists show us situations of the reality of the Dominican Republic embodied in the designs, taking inspiration from time and space, offering meaning to the turns that life takes and the traces that the different situations that we face can leave us.

«I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and that’s why I contacted Joaquín Rosario, who captures wheels, windows and cities in my designs, giving us the idea that we live in a world where the imaginary and the reality mix.»